If the password to log into the GRED WebCheck web console has been forgotten, it can be reissued as per the following procedure.

1.Click “Forgot your password?” below the “Sign in” button on the GRED WebCheck console.

2.Input your User ID, and click “Submit”.

3.“Password has been sent to your email address” is displayed.

4.An email for password reissuance notification is received by the email address registered for alerts.

5.Click on the URL in the email text, and input the registered name on the displayed screen.
*If an incorrect “name” is entered, the password cannot be changed.

6.Click [Configure].

7.“Password reissuance completed” is displayed, and the new password becomes effective.

8.Click [Return home], input the new password that has been notified by email as per Step 4 above, and [Login].

*When requesting to change any password, go through the procedure from “Password Settings” at the top right of the management screen after logging in.