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Endpoint Security Endpoint Security Cyberattack Health Check Powered by CyCraft

Advanced endpoint security through AI-driven forensic solutions designed to generate actionable incident response report of a cyberattack.

Is your website safe from online attacks?

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The Challenges of Traditional Endpoint Software


Endpoint Security and Response is done manually by a hired specialist to conduct threat detection, analysis, and remediation.

Lengthy Process

The Traditional EDR process is much slower and is commonly unable to effectively detect and address cyberattacks in real-time.

Subpar Remediation

The absence of an aggregated software results in the need for time and resources for complete security defense execution.

Advanced Endpoint Security

Cyberattack Health Check makes it easier to bolster cybersecurity especially for corporations that manage multiple endpoints and are more susceptible to a variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Instead of traditional EDR security where multiple standalone security solutions are placed, IT managers can easily monitor and analyze potential attacks in a single, integrated endpoint security software.

The role of SecureBrain‘s endpoint security solution is to collect data including, but not limited to transfers, processes, connections, and activity. Through pre-configured rules and settings, the system will then execute specific automated solutions as a response to certain security breaches and known cyber threats while also triggering an immediate email alert to your administrator. AI-powered forensics also enables you to take advantage of both real-time analytics and past cyber attacks in order to get a more comprehensive analysis and incident report which in turn, will help you better come up with an EDR security structure.

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AI-Driven, Automated EDR Software

SecureBrain’s Cyberattack Health Check is an EDR security software powered by CyCraft, an AI company specializing in human-AI powered cybersecurity.

With this partnership, our advanced endpoint protection features continuous threat hunting and analysis through AI-powered and forensic-based detection. Alerts are automatically validated with a full network attack timeline, and organized by priority levels, making it easy for your team to carry out both defensive and preventive solutions.

1 – Alert
EDR Alert Notification
Thread Confirmation

2 – Investigate
Threat Hunting
Network Attack Timeline
Threat Analysis
Compromised User Account List

3 – Remediate
Threat Removal
Preventive Action Setup

Overview of the Endpoint Security Environment Setup and Process Flow

As you can see, information from all corporate endpoints are scanned, collected by software agents which then feed data to the CyCraft Cloud. The single server will then generate an AI analysis report which will be displayed on the web portal for the IT administrator’s perusal.

Overview of the Endpoint Monitoring System Web Portal Dashboard

Easily monitor the status of cyberattacks, conduct investigations and data-oriented threat hunting through AI-powered security forensics that can also generate extensive incident reports and action plan.

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Overview of the Endpoint Security
Situation Audit Report

Analysis of past and potential threats to endpoint security are made easy through a visual dashboard of incident reports and data collection.

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Supported OS

Windows XP SP 3/7/8/10 Windows Server 2003 R2~2019

Ubuntu 9.10 ~ 19.10
Debian 6.0 ~ 10.1
RHEL 6.0 ~ 8.0 
CentOS 6.0 ~ 7.7

macOS X 10.10 ~ 10.15


Leverage on the power of an AI-based endpoint detection and response software for fast and actionable forensics analysis.

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