• GRED Web Check Cloud provides a new GUI to visualize more information.
  • The new GUI can visualize the transition of detection results.
  • We recommend using Edge, Firefox, and Chrome for the new GUI. (Internet Explorer deprecated)
  • Both old and new GUIs can be used from 2022/8/9 to 2023/2/28.

The old and new GUIs are provided at the following URL.

  • Resale version

  New GUI:
  Old GUI:

  • OEM version     ※***** is different for each OEM

  New GUI:*****
  Old GUI:*****

  • Other version

  Depending on the service environment, it may differ from the above URL. In that case, you can access the new GUI by adding ‘-g2’ to the host name of the URL you are using.

  New GUI :
  Old GUI :

  • After 2023/3/1, new GUI will be displayed at both URLs.