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Scam Radar BD Fraud Detection Software

Scam Radar BD is SecureBrain’s proprietary fraud detection and prevention system engineered to analyze Big Data to secure organizations from fraudulent transactions. The software offers identity and access management and real-time telemetry data analysis to efficiently detect unauthorized use within cashless payment and internet banking systems.

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Fraud-focused Cyberthreats

Advancements in tech and the Internet of Things have made it easy for the world to become more digital-first. Unfortunately, digital fraud also sees a upward trend, becoming even more sophisticated and challenging to detect, much less prevent. With contactless shopping being the current norm since the global health crisis, fraud-focused cyberthreats continues to see an increase, including, but not limited to:

  • Phishing
  • Data Theft
  • Chargebacks
  • Digital Payment Frauds
  • Ransomware
  • Banking Trojans
  • PPP Loan Frauds
  • Overpayments
  • Alternative Refunds
  • Account Takeovers
  • Unauthorized Logins

Traditional Fraud Detection and Management

As more and more purchase transactions are conducted on digital platforms, more and more people are falling prey to fraud-focused cyberthreats. This reality is what’s pushing businesses to invest in reliable security platforms and systems to ensure customer confidence when it comes to data collection. Unfortunately, traditional countermeasures are not enough to keep up with modern attacks, posing a lot of limitations that place a heavy and unnecessary burden to providers.


to prevent hackers from stealing IDs, usernames, and passwords.
The challenges:

  • Installation of antivirus products, phishing and MITB detection systems can be difficult to enforce and requires maintenance of the system.
  • Users find it challenging to learn the product and properly configure the system for optimum real-time detection.

Fraud Detection
and Prevention

to prevent or detect misuse of stolen IDs, usernames, and passwords.
The challenges:

  • Multi-factor authentication is not cost-efficient due to installation, maintenance, and operational fees.
  • Counterproductive as users are required to take action
  • Data breaches still occur through phishing sites
  • Identification of spoofed access requires expertise and continuous manual analysis of logs

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SecureBrain’s Fraud Detection Software

Independently-developed to provide fraud detection solutions to industries highly susceptible to fraud attacks such as eCommerce and finance industries. Scam Radar BD harnesses the power of Big Data to collect and analyze information generated when users access specific web services and mobile applications. With real-time insights, organizations that provide important web transactions such as cashless payments and internet banking can have end-to-end visibility and control over identity and access management.

Fraud Detection Software Features

Software Advantages

  • Easy to deploy. Does not require integration with existing cashless payment or internet banking systems
  • Accurate detection of various types of attacks by using behavioral and time-series analysis
  • Minimal manpower requirement through narrowed-down identity access and management
  • Automated telemetry data collection for analysis
  • User-friendly web-based dashboard for real-time statistics and easy-to-understand reports
  • API integration for organizations with existing analysis systems in place
  • Real-time email notifications are sent out upon fraud detection
  • Weekly visual reports for easy fraud detection management and analysis

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Scam Radar BD: How Does it Work?

The fraud detection software analyzes telemetry data and screen transactions in real-time to identify unauthorized access. Detection and real-time alert notification will then occur when fraudulent action matches a pattern determined to be malicious based on Big Data analysis.

Scam Radar BD’s fraud detection software and identity and access management system will send email alert notifications in real-time to registered email addresses upon detection of unauthoriazed access. In addition to this, the software can also provide weekly statistical reports which can also be viewed real-time via the web-based dashboard.

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