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GRED WEBCHECK TRIAL Application for Free Cloud Trial

Register now to try this product and be impressed with the results.

Procedure from application to login

It only takes three minutes to complete registration! The trial service can be used as soon as the official registration is complete. *About trial limitations

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. Click on the URL after receiving your e-mail for provisional registration.
  3. You are officially registered. Go straight to the GRED top page. Application complete!
  4. Enter your ID and password to log in.

About initial setting

The following screen is displayed when logging in after completing the official registration. Input the items required for Web analysis, and click the “Register” button. Analysis starts immediately.

(1) Contents registered by customers can be titled. Please use this for classification when purchasing a number of URL analysis services. *“web1” is entered as the default setting.
*Only one site can be registered for the free trial.

(2) Please enter the top URL of the website you want Web analysis to start.
*Please note that once you register it cannot be changed. If you want to change it, please contact our Support team.

(3) If you also wish to analyze a link with domain that is different from the “Analysis Start URL,” please enter that domain.
*If left blank, the “Analysis Start URL” will be selected.

Concept for analysis target

The analyzer automatically crawls from the registered “Analysis Start URL” to analyze the whole website. Only addresses within the domain specified by the user are targeted for analysis.

Web Analysis Start URL:
Web Analysis Target Domain:
In this case, it starts crawling from, and if any sub-domains, such as are linked to, they will also be analyzed. Up to ten URLs within the main domain will be analyzed under the trial version.

Web Analysis Start URL:
Web Analysis Target Domain:, or blank in case of no input
In this case, it starts crawling from the Analysis Start URL, which is in this case.However, since is specified as the domain to be analyzed, if exists as a link, it will not be subject to crawling (analysis). If left blank, only data for the analysis target URL will be used as the domain to be analyzed.

Other notes

Trial Web analysis will not start without completing your registration on this screen. Be sure to complete your registration.

The free trial has the following limitations.

Web analysis function: Up to ten URLs per analysis per day for each Analysis Target Domain or Analysis Start URL.Cross-domain detection setting, GRED certificate, and the switching function in the event of tampering are turned off.(All are available under the charged service.)
*The trial period is limited to 14 days from the application date.
*We may follow up with questionnaires or suchlike to customers who apply for a free trial.