Please see the following procedure if wanting to display a customer’s unique maintenance page when using Emergency Auto-Redirect Option in case of tampering.

  1. Log into the GRED WebCheck web console.
  2. Select the applicable “Analysis Start URL.” (When there is only one “Analysis Start URL,” there is no need to use Step 2.)
  3. Click “Settings” from the menu on the left, and click “Emergency Auto-Redirect”.
  4. Insert the unique maintenance page URL to redirect_url= as the parameter in the tag input field, so that the unique maintenance page is displayed.

    Script example: When is specified
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”***&lang=ja&redirect_url=“></script>

    *Please insert the unique maintenance page URL in the bold italic area.
    *Please change “sid=***” to the schedule ID in accordance with the schedule selected as per Step 2.
  5. Enable Auto-Redirect feature to be “ON”, select the applicable scope, etc., and click “Save”.
  6. Insert the selected tag immediately after the tag on the page to be switched in the event that any tampering is detected.

*Please note however that the Emergency Auto-Redirect function is also activated by false detections. Please configure with due consideration for the effect. In particular, if “Enable” is specified for cross-domain script detection, it may be triggered even when changing a link in a normal webpage, so careful consideration is required. Please also ensure that the scope of tag embedding is within the number of pages contracted.