Exclusion URL is a function that specifies a directory (path) and does not analyze (crawl) after the specified path.

This function can be set up to 100 for one target site, does not count the path after the path specified as the exclusion URL as an analysis target, and assumes that there is a link in the contents of the URL installed after the specified path is not parsed.

For example, if you specify “www\.gredsampleurl\.jp/.*/blog/”, URLs whose domains end with and whose second and subsequent directories are “blog” will not be analyzed.
Here is an example of URLs excluded by specifying the above regular expression.

* (asterisk) is not a wildcard but a regular expression, so when excluding an arbitrary directory as above, it cannot be excluded by specifying only *.
. (dot) is treated as any single character in regular expressions, so add \ (escape) if it is not treated as a regular expression.