SecureBrain Cyberattack Health Check powered by CyCraft

Reduce the amount of time used and prevent unwanted side effects when conducting forensics by using an AI-driven forensic solution to generate actionable incident response report of a cyberattack.

Product Introduction

Typically, traditional EDRs are very difficult to use and require specialized security experts to conduct very time consuming operations to investigate an incident. SecureBrain Cyberattack Health Check uses AI to automate threat hunting and speed up investigation of security incidents. CSIRT personnel and enterprise system admins can utilize an audit report generated by SecureBrain Cyberattack Health Check to apply mitigations quickly and prevent further damage to the network.

Environment Setup and Process Workflow

Endpoint monitoring system for the client

Monitor the status of cyberattacks, conduct incident investigations and threat hunting.

Cyber Situation Report for the client

Provides easy-to-understand visualization of detected cyberattacks with actionable incident response reports.

Supported OS

Windows XP SP 3/7/8/10 Windows Server 2003 R2~2019

Ubuntu 9.10 ~ 19.10
Debian 6.0 ~ 10.1
RHEL 6.0 ~ 8.0 
CentOS 6.0 ~ 7.7

macOS X 10.10 ~ 10.15


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