Cloud Antivirus SDK

Cloud Antivirus SDK


The adoption for online transaction applications on mobile devices is growing rapidly.
Customers are installing more online transaction applications, which enable them to do online banking transactions, credit card purchases and other financial transactions anytime.
As a result, these customers could become exposed to the risk of account takeover, identity theft and data theft.
SecureBrain provides an easy-to-implement toolkit that developers can use to feasibly embed security feature in their Android application to reduce such risks.



By design, Android mobile operating system restricts an application from directly accessing private data of other applications by creating a virtual sandbox on each application that runs.
The intention of this design is to provide a safe environment for all applications.
However, malware writers have discovered ways to circumvent such restrictions by looking for vulnerabilities that they can exploit.
In many cases, exploitation is not even required to steal private data.
Malware can simply request for SMS read/write privilege access, which is permitted by design in Android, and use this feature to discreetly subscribe the device owners to premium SMS services.
For example, the malware named AndroidOS.
itmo has taken advantage of this feature to intercept SMS messages containing the two-factor authentication credentials that banks use to validate a bank account holder’s identity.


To reduce and mitigate security risk, it is critical to ensure that your mobile application is running in malware free environment.
SecureBrain Cloud Antivirus SDK enables application developers to transparently embed commercial grade malware check into their developed mobile applications to determine the existence of malware on the device before execution.
SecureBrain Cloud Antivirus SDK is a cloud-based antimalware solution that offloads all the network and CPU intensive operations to the cloud to ensure that your application does not slow down.



Cloud Antivirus SDK is a commercial-grade toolkit for Android platform that allows professional developers to easily add anti-malware functionality into their applications.
It features the patent pending “in-cloud” scanning that offloads CPU and network intensive computations to the cloud to help reduce battery and network usage on the device.
All the complex core antimalware functionality is provided and maintained by SecureBrain, thus allowing you to add antimalware functionality easily, more cost effectively, and help reduce your time to market.


  • SecureBrain Cloud Antivirus SDK provides the core technology to detect and analyze Android malware, which is the basic functionality to scan android applications.
    All detection signatures, detection logic and threat descriptions are provided by SecureBrain via our cloud servers.
  • Get in-cloud scan results for all installed applications in a single query or via individual queries.
    The SDK will only send metadata to identify an application and will not upload the application itself to the cloud.
    We aim to keep network traffic to a minimum and avoid privacy issues for your users.
  • Historical information of both installed and uninstalled applications are automatically managed by our cloud servers and can be easily queried using the SDK.
  • SecureBrain Cloud Antivirus SDK includes a complete source code of a sample antivirus application and an English/Japanese programmers’ guide manual to help you get started.
  • Support Android OS 2.1 (ARM) and above.

If you want to see the SDK in action, we have a sample antivirus application called “SecureBrain Antivirus BETA” available at the Google Play.
This is a very simple Android app that uses SecureBrain’s Cloud Antivirus SDK to demonstrate the fast in-cloud scanning.
Please give it a try.

SecureBrain Antivirus (BETA) on Google Play

This SDK is available to Android publishers including security venders who would like to add or enhance android malware detection.
We are also seeking partners outside of Japan to distribute our products.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.