Automated Malware Analysis System

Malware has been a major ongoing problem among enterprises and consumers for the past decades.
In the past, malware simply annoys the users by using up computer resources or playing a hoax.
However, the vast improvement in network connectivity has allowed users and financial institutions to conduct their transactions over the Internet.
Thus, malware is now being used by criminals for illegal financial gains.
For example, they use spywares to monitor and eavesdrop on the user’s activities, specifically when they do online banking.
Whenever someone gets infected by malware, he wants to know how to remove the infection.
But most importantly, he wants to know the payload and what activities this malware conducted on its system to determine if any confidential data has been stolen.
Malware always changes it vectors of infections and its payload, so it is difficult to purely rely on historical analysis to predict the behavior of a newly discovered malware.

SecureBrain Malware Analysis Sandbox is a fully automated malware analysis system that was first released in March 2007.
This system can automatically produce malware descriptions and fixtools in minutes.
The main advantage in using this system is being able to respond to any type of zero-day malware outbreak t hat may occur, even if this malware is new and have never been seen before.
You can use the automatically generated fixtool to help you do an automatic cleanup of your system, and you can use the descriptions to know the activities conducted by this malware and help determine the potential damages to your infrastructure.
It allows you to have a peace of mind just by simply knowing that the malware analyzed does not have the capability to steal any confidential information.