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SecureBrain a Hitachi Group Company is a leader in providing software and services to help protect enterprises and their customers against cybercrime including online fraud and malware attacks. To ensure that our customers are always protected from the latest trend of cybercrime, SecureBrain has its own advanced security research center. Team of security researchers works closely with many Japanese government research agencies to research and develop solutions against the latest cyber threats.


Main OfficeKioicho Building 7F
3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, JAPAN 102-0094
FoundedOctober 5, 2004
Directors and Executive OfficersAkihiko Narita, Chairman
Kenichi Aoyama, President and CEO
Motoaki Yamamura, COO
Mikiharu Araki, Corporate Planning General Manager
Masaki Yamaoka, Director
Masashi Nishi, Director
Kenji Kuroki, Auditor
Business1) Cybersecurity solutions
Provide high quality security software and services to help secure and operate web services

2) Cybercrime Incident Response
Provide detailed malware analysis and forensic services

3) Cybersecurity SDK and OEM
Provide Software Development Kit against cybercrimes and OEM offer

4) Research, analysis, and development on cybercrimes and their countermeasures
Have a team of cybercrime researchers that specializes in reverse engineering and detailed malware analysis
Capital251.8 million YEN
Share HolderHitachi Systems Ltd

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